About the Maker

Hi friends! I'm Hannah, the maker behind ClaybyHan! I'm an elementary teacher, but I started this little side hustle the summer of 2020 when I desperately needed a creative outlet after working from home for a few months. I felt inspired watching other clay earring makers on insta and thought I could do it, too! Some of those first earrings I made were ROUGH. Those that have been around supporting me since then have hearts of pure gold. I've spent the last two years researching, testing, and perfecting my craft. My new pieces definitely prove I've come a loooong way and I still love learning new techniques. It's been a blast immersing myself in the world of clay earrings!

A few things about me: I LOVE music of all kinds and can memorize lyrics like no other. Mac & cheese and hand-dipped corn dogs are two of the best foods on the planet and Dr. Pepper came straight from the heavens. I love making people laugh and pride myself in my sense of humor ;). I enjoy reading and traveling, and quality time is my love language. :) I had to choose this cute picture with my hubby because 1) we're celebrating our first sweet baby on the way this November and 2) he's been my biggest support since day one and has done so much behind the scenes with the legal/business side of things. I couldn't do this without him! 

Thanks so much for being here in my little corner of the clay earrings space and for all the support you've shown me these past 2 years. Every purchase, comment, and share means the world. You have no idea the impact y'all have made on me and I am forever grateful. :)